Questions That Most People Ask About Solo Travel

You have heard people talk about solo travel but you’ve probably not gone on a trip alone. That’s because you have many unanswered questions. Well, you’re not the only one with questions about solo questions. Many people do not like the idea of traveling alone because they are uncertain about what to expect while away alone. Here are the most common questions that people ask about solo travel. 

Is Solo Travel Not Dangerous? 

When it comes to traveling alone, most people are concerned about their safety. However, traveling alone is not dangerous. You just need to know the safety precaution to take whenever you travel alone. Always remember that you have to watch out where you go and the people you interact with when traveling alone. 

How Do You Keep Valuables When Traveling Alone? 

You’re mostly responsible for the safety of your valuables when traveling alone. Therefore, keep an eye on your camera, phone, cash, and other valuables. Essentially, make sure that you’ve hidden your valuables where other people can’t easily see or steal them. Additionally, avoid carrying a lot of cash and expensive items like a camera and Smartphone when traveling alone. That’s because these can make you a soft target for thugs. 

What Do You Do When You Feel Lonely or Bored? 

Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. You just need to be in the right state of mind to avoid feeling lonely. And, if loneliness starts creeping into your life, go to the movies or sightseeing instead of staying in your hotel room. Engage in fun activities that kick loneliness away. Similarly, engage in these activities whenever you get bored. Go on day trips and walking tours. If this is not an option, talk to other travelers in a hostel or on social media. 

Solo travel should be fun and a chance to do things alone. It’s an opportunity to discover more about your personality and do things your way.

How to Make Friends when Traveling

Despite all the fun that you can experience when visiting new destinations alone, things can sometimes get boring. Besides, having friends to share the experiences with when on the road can turn the trip into a remarkable adventure. Although it might seem hard making friends when traveling, the following ideas can assist you to build up real connections with so much ease. 

Meet Friends Online 

The internet is today the go-to platform when seeking communities of people with similar interests. There are lots of online travel communities from where you can find other travelers heading to the same destination or with connections to people in those areas. You can check out social media groups and travel blogs to connect with other travelers online.  

Interact on Transit 

Whether you are on the plane, train, bus, or ferry, striking up conversations with the passengers next to you could also easily break the monotony of traveling. However, you should only engage those who are willing to interact with you. Sometimes, you could easily find a travel buddy among the passengers. 

Visit the Local Events 

The local events are usually the best places to freely connect with the people and culture of your destinations. Activities like festivals, sports competitions, or concerts offer an incredible platform for meeting new people. You can also visit the local party spots and food joints for a chance to meet and connect with the locals. Since the events attract other tourists too, you could also make friends with travelers. 

Travelling comes with different kinds of experiences that might sometimes make you timid and cautious about interacting with people. But, you can only make new friends if you shed away the fears and make an effort at connecting with others. Maintain a friendly attitude and wear a happy face when meeting new people. Say hello and smile more often to give a positive impression.

How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

You took time to prepare for a trip and everybody was excited about it. Unfortunately, somebody feel sick forcing you to cancel the trip. Perhaps, you had already gone on a trip when one of you fell sick and you now have to see a doctor. You might have also missed a connection flight and had to spend a night somewhere. If you have a travel insurance policy, you should file acclaim.

Canceling a trip is frustrating. Nobody wants to have their vacation affected by a major snag. Things will be worse if you don’t know what exactly to do. If you want to make a travel insurance claim, there are things that you should do.

Read Your Travel Insurance Policy

This is the first and most important thing to do. Reading your travel insurance policy will help you know what exactly is covered and what is not. The coverage of every policy comes with limitations. It’s important to read the policy to ensure that the claim that you make is valid. If unsure, seek assistance.

Collect the Necessary Documentation

You need support for your claim. Therefore, collect all necessary documentation. For instance, if you cancelled your trip, get invoices, cancelled check, and credit card statements to show that you paid for the trip. If you cancelled the trip when you or somebody else feel sick, get a statement from your doctor. A letter from your employer or other form of proof will indicate your reason for canceling the trip.

In case of trip interruption, due to baggage or travel delays or even medical expenses, save receipts and use them as a proof of everything you paid.

Call Your Insurer

Let your insurer know that you intend to file a claim. You will be guided on what to do and how to do it. Hopefully, you will plan another trip or reschedule the trip for another date.

Nevertheless, your experience will be better when you have travel insurance than when your trip is cancelled or interrupted and you don’t have a cover.

Important cruise ship secrets for the avid traveler

As a travel option, cruise travel continues to grow globally, with the Caribbean recording the biggest number of industry passenger count. Whatever type of cruise you opt for, whether resort style, leisurely river, boutique-luxury or adventure, you wish to make the most out of your memorable time on board. If you’re planning for the next or first cruise ship travel in the Caribbean, here are some important cruise secrets to help you find the ideal ship and itinerary to match your lifestyle and spending power.

Sign up for cruise lines’ mailing lists

By doing so, you will get weekly, daily or last-ditch cruising deals that might interest you. Most of these deals have a short booking timeline so if you need little notice to take off in a cruise ship, you’re sure to get some fantastic bargains.

Book early in advance

A lot of cruise companies offer bonuses including free flights, onboard credits and pre-paid gratuities when you make advanced bookings. Moreover, you’ll also get the advantage of booking your desired cabin. If you plan to go cruising with your family during the holidays, which are often busiest times, consider making bookings at least six months in advance.

Consider a groupie

Cruise lines offer price cuts, perks or a free cabin when you and your friends and family book several cabins. So if you want to celebrate a special occasion as your engagement, wedding or birthday, why not book a few cabins for your bunch of friends and enjoy the discount?

Stay offline

While internet connection packages are becoming increasingly affordable, it’s still a bit expensive and slower to browse the internet at sea compared to land. Bottom line: Get to the port and find free internet hotspots.

Work out the value of a drinks package

Make sure you only sign up for a drinks package that is of good value based on the number of alcoholic, beverages and soft drinks you’re likely to drink. Bear in mind that a service charge is usually included in every drink you pay money for.

Maximize storage space

Storage space is always at a premium on cruise ships. So besides not packing too many things in the first place, note that you can store your suitcases underneath your bed. Additionally, you can put your dirty laundry in the cases if you don’t like doing laundry on board. You should also make use of the extra space provided by drawers and bedside cupboards. Consider hanging your clothes rather than folding them in drawers which takes up too much space. Some of the things you shouldn’t pack during your cruise ship travel in the Caribbean include an iron board, beach towels, and hairdryers.  

Choose a balcony cabin

While a balcony cabin costs a lot more than an ocean view or inside cabin, it does repay the cost in terms of the quality of life aboard the cruise ship.  You get to enjoy unhindered sea and port views, the comfort of privacy, and fresh air every time you want.

There you have it. Do not travel blindly. Book your luxury cruise ship and enjoy an incredible time with your loved ones.