Best Travel Destinations for Nature Lovers

Best Travel Destinations for Nature Lovers

In addition to the enjoyment that is derived from traveling, studies have shown that reconnecting with nature provides immense health benefits. If you need a vacation that offers you opportunities to connect with unique forms of nature, here are some of the best travel destinations to consider.


Branded as the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica is a must visit for nature loving travels. It has lush landscapes that feature natural mud baths, volcanic hot springs, waterfalls, untouched rain forest, many rivers and natural swimming holes. It also provides great opportunities for incredible whale watching and diving.


Finland is an ideal destination for unique sights and sounds of nature including the natural light show called Aurora Borealis. It also has great parks like the Oulanka National Park that is located in the midst of awe inspiring rugged landscape of forests that are covered with snow.

The Virgin Gorda Baths, British Virgin Islands

This is the place to visit when you want to enjoy an incredible experience with nature in a tropical environment. One of its famous wonders is the baths that are created from huge granite boulders that resemble sheltered sea pools along the beach. At the site, you can also visit the Devil’s Bay, which is great for snorkeling and swimming. Visitors can also check into the Gorda Peak National Park to see hummingbirds, Christmas orchids and bromeliads.

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps feature some of the most spectacular natural scenery in Europe including, the lush valleys and snow covered rock peaks. The Matterhorn, which is called the Mountain of Mountains, sits at the peak towering 15,000 feet.  Using the convenient cable cars, you can easily enjoy dramatic views of nature across the area as well as the car free village of Zermatt.

Other ideal travel destinations for nature lovers that you should have in your list of places to visit include Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Palau, Iceland, Durmitor National Park in Montenegro and Williams Lake, Canada.


Best Travel Destinations for History Buffs

Best Travel Destinations for History Buffs

Whether you are a historian or just a curious traveler that yearns to visit ancient ruins or the most famous landmarks in the world, there are many destinations with historical highlights. I was reading this article posted by a gentlemen who runs a appliance repair shop out in Texas called and he came to the conclusion that his top visited spots were in Europe and Central America. However, finding the right spots to visit can be challenging. To give you an easier time when planning your trip, here are some of the best travel destinations for history buffs to consider.

The Acropolis of Athens, Greece

This structure exhibits the true sentiments of the architectural ingenuity and civilization of the Ancient Greek. Built to a hundred and fifty meters above the sea level, this flat topped rock features various monuments with distinctive beauty that you will truly love. Besides, the four masterpieces of Greek Art are housed here. Some of its unique features include Propylaea, Parthenon, Athena Nike temple and ruins of Erechtheum.

Giza Plateau, Egypt

The Giza Plateau is a renowned hub for some of the most amazing monuments of the old world. Located on the banks of the River Nile, it is seen as the first great civilization in the world. The plateau features massive stone monuments that include the Great Pyramid, Great Sphinx, temples and other structures built in the fourth dynasty.

Khajuraho, India

Found in northern India, the Khajuraho temple town is home to the largest collection of ancient Hindu and Jain temples. It consists of 20 medieval temples built with hard river sandstones that offer a perfect depiction of the ancient Indian architecture and culture. The structures are intricately decorated using carved sculptures and other unique structures. These will help you understand, the origins of most Indian practices with ease.

Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor is an ancient city that served as the capital of the Khmer Empire that ruled a greater part of South East Asia for decades. After the fall of the empire, part of the monuments and temples were ruined and overridden by the jungle for many centuries before rediscovery in the 1800s. Some of its unique attractions include the Angkor Wat temple, red stone walls of Banteay Srei and the Preah Kan maze.

There are other travel destinations for history buffs that you can consider when planning your trips like the Chichen Itza, Mexico, Machu Picchu, Peru and Petra, Jordan.


Best Family Travel Destinations

Best Family Travel Destinations

After several months of hard work and seeing your kids through school, taking a trip together is well deserved. Although there are many family travel destinations around the world, only a few can deliver a fulfilling experience. The next time you are planning a trip for the whole family, below are some unique destinations to consider.

Millennium Park, Chicago

The Millennium Park in Chicago is a haven of great fun that will offer your entire family an incredible experience. Its location is strategic to a number of attractions in Chicago and, there are also lots of things to see and do at the park. Some of the top attractions at the Millennium Park include Cloud Gate sculpture, Crown Fountain, free family yoga and bike riding. There are also good hotels close by to stay with the family.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole boasts a world class ski resort and the Grand Teton National Park that can offer you and your family amazing adventures. Here, there are also lots of outdoor activities that you can indulge in. You can go rafting at the Snake River, travel inside a tube to the Snow King Resort, visit the magical ice castle, enjoy ice skating at the Teton Village or explore the park.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

The state owned park is located just about 75 miles southwest of Dallas, Texas. It is home to some of the world’s best preserved dinosaur tracks. You can start the visit by walking in the dinosaur footprints in the Paluxy River. If you are a fishing enthusiast, get fishing poles from the Tackle Loaner Program at the park. You can also check out the Glen Rose museums.

With the numerous options for family travel destinations, choosing the best can be challenging. However, you should consider a destination that offers a wide range of things to see and do to ensure that every member of the family has an amazing experience. For more destination tips, feel free to check this link I found recently. Click here to see it.


Important cruise ship secrets for the avid traveler

As a travel option, cruise travel continues to grow globally, with the Caribbean recording the biggest number of industry passenger count. Whatever type of cruise you opt for, whether resort style, leisurely river, boutique-luxury or adventure, you wish to make the most out of your memorable time on board. If you’re planning for the next or first cruise ship travel in the Caribbean, here are some important cruise secrets to help you find the ideal ship and itinerary to match your lifestyle and spending power.

Sign up for cruise lines’ mailing lists

By doing so, you will get weekly, daily or last-ditch cruising deals that might interest you. Most of these deals have a short booking timeline so if you need little notice to take off in a cruise ship, you’re sure to get some fantastic bargains.

Book early in advance

A lot of cruise companies offer bonuses including free flights, onboard credits and pre-paid gratuities when you make advanced bookings. Moreover, you’ll also get the advantage of booking your desired cabin. If you plan to go cruising with your family during the holidays, which are often busiest times, consider making bookings at least six months in advance.

Consider a groupie

Cruise lines offer price cuts, perks or a free cabin when you and your friends and family book several cabins. So if you want to celebrate a special occasion as your engagement, wedding or birthday, why not book a few cabins for your bunch of friends and enjoy the discount?

Stay offline

While internet connection packages are becoming increasingly affordable, it’s still a bit expensive and slower to browse the internet at sea compared to land. Bottom line: Get to the port and find free internet hotspots.

Work out the value of a drinks package

Make sure you only sign up for a drinks package that is of good value based on the number of alcoholic, beverages and soft drinks you’re likely to drink. Bear in mind that a service charge is usually included in every drink you pay money for.

Maximize storage space

Storage space is always at a premium on cruise ships. So besides not packing too many things in the first place, note that you can store your suitcases underneath your bed. Additionally, you can put your dirty laundry in the cases if you don’t like doing laundry on board. You should also make use of the extra space provided by drawers and bedside cupboards. Consider hanging your clothes rather than folding them in drawers which takes up too much space. Some of the things you shouldn’t pack during your cruise ship travel in the Caribbean include an iron board, beach towels, and hairdryers.  

Choose a balcony cabin

While a balcony cabin costs a lot more than an ocean view or inside cabin, it does repay the cost in terms of the quality of life aboard the cruise ship.  You get to enjoy unhindered sea and port views, the comfort of privacy, and fresh air every time you want.

There you have it. Do not travel blindly. Book your luxury cruise ship and enjoy an incredible time with your loved ones.