Best Travel Destinations for History Buffs

Best Travel Destinations for History Buffs

Whether you are a historian or just a curious traveler that yearns to visit ancient ruins or the most famous landmarks in the world, there are many destinations with historical highlights. I was reading this article posted by a gentlemen who runs a appliance repair shop out in Texas called and he came to the conclusion that his top visited spots were in Europe and Central America. However, finding the right spots to visit can be challenging. To give you an easier time when planning your trip, here are some of the best travel destinations for history buffs to consider.

The Acropolis of Athens, Greece

This structure exhibits the true sentiments of the architectural ingenuity and civilization of the Ancient Greek. Built to a hundred and fifty meters above the sea level, this flat topped rock features various monuments with distinctive beauty that you will truly love. Besides, the four masterpieces of Greek Art are housed here. Some of its unique features include Propylaea, Parthenon, Athena Nike temple and ruins of Erechtheum.

Giza Plateau, Egypt

The Giza Plateau is a renowned hub for some of the most amazing monuments of the old world. Located on the banks of the River Nile, it is seen as the first great civilization in the world. The plateau features massive stone monuments that include the Great Pyramid, Great Sphinx, temples and other structures built in the fourth dynasty.

Khajuraho, India

Found in northern India, the Khajuraho temple town is home to the largest collection of ancient Hindu and Jain temples. It consists of 20 medieval temples built with hard river sandstones that offer a perfect depiction of the ancient Indian architecture and culture. The structures are intricately decorated using carved sculptures and other unique structures. These will help you understand, the origins of most Indian practices with ease.

Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor is an ancient city that served as the capital of the Khmer Empire that ruled a greater part of South East Asia for decades. After the fall of the empire, part of the monuments and temples were ruined and overridden by the jungle for many centuries before rediscovery in the 1800s. Some of its unique attractions include the Angkor Wat temple, red stone walls of Banteay Srei and the Preah Kan maze.

There are other travel destinations for history buffs that you can consider when planning your trips like the Chichen Itza, Mexico, Machu Picchu, Peru and Petra, Jordan.


Guide to Sustainable Travel: Making Eco-Friendly Choices

In today’s world, the impact of travel on the environment has become a pressing concern. With rising awareness about sustainability, more travelers are seeking ways to minimize their ecological footprint while exploring the globe. This guide provides comprehensive insights into sustainable travel, offering practical tips to make eco-friendly choices.

Understanding Sustainable Travel Sustainable travel involves adopting practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment, culture, and economy of travel destinations. It’s about ensuring that travel is more environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically beneficial to local communities.

Benefits of Sustainable Travel

  • Environmental Protection: Reduces pollution and conserves natural resources.
  • Cultural Preservation: Supports the preservation of local cultures and traditions.
  • Economic Benefits: Boosts local economies by supporting small businesses and local artisans.

How to Travel Sustainably

  1. Choose Eco-Friendly Transportation:
    • Opt for public transport, biking, or walking.
    • Select direct flights to reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Sustainable Accommodation:
    • Stay in eco-lodges or hotels that have sustainable practices.
    • Look for certifications like LEED or Green Globe.
  3. Responsible Tourism:
    • Respect local customs and traditions.
    • Participate in tours that are ethical and environmentally conscious.
  4. Mindful Packing:
    • Pack light to reduce fuel consumption.
    • Use eco-friendly products like biodegradable toiletries.

Eco-Friendly Activities Engage in activities that have minimal impact on the environment, such as wildlife watching with responsible tour operators, hiking in protected areas, and visiting eco-parks.

Sustainable Eating Habits

  • Choose local and organic foods.
  • Support local restaurants that source ingredients sustainably.

Challenges of Sustainable Travel Discuss the challenges faced by travelers trying to make sustainable choices, such as higher costs and limited availability of sustainable options.


  1. What is sustainable travel? Sustainable travel means adopting practices that positively impact the environments, cultures, and economies of travel destinations.
  2. Why is sustainable travel important? It helps in conserving the environment, supporting local communities, and preserving cultural heritage.
  3. How can I reduce my carbon footprint while traveling? Choose direct flights, use public transport, and stay in accommodations with sustainable practices.


Making eco-friendly choices in travel is essential for preserving our planet for future generations. By adopting sustainable practices, travelers can enjoy and explore the world responsibly.

Photography and Travel: Capturing Memories in South America

Discover the enchanting world of South America, a paradise for photographers and travelers alike. This continent, brimming with diverse landscapes and rich cultures, offers endless opportunities to capture moments that speak a thousand words.

Exploring South America

South America is a tapestry of breathtaking scenery and vibrant cultures. Each country presents a unique canvas:

  • Brazil: From the pulsating rhythm of Rio’s Carnaval to the serene beauty of the Amazon, Brazil provides a kaleidoscope of scenes for photographers. Capture the essence of urban life in São Paulo and the mystical allure of Iguazu Falls.
  • Peru and Chile: The Andes stand majestically, offering landscapes that are both challenging and rewarding to capture. The ancient city of Machu Picchu is a must-visit, with its mystical ruins and panoramic vistas. Chile’s Atacama Desert, the driest in the world, provides stunning contrasts in light and shadow.
  • Argentina: Experience the soul of Argentina in Buenos Aires, where tango dancers fill the streets. Journey south to the rugged wilderness of Patagonia, a dream for landscape photographers with its dramatic mountains and glaciers.

Photography Tips

  • Lighting: Utilize the golden hours for the best natural light.
  • Composition: Experiment with angles and perspectives to create compelling images.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: When photographing local communities, always ask for permission and respect local customs.

Travel Tips

  • Gear Essentials: A reliable camera, versatile lenses, and sturdy tripods are essential.
  • Climate Adaptation: Be prepared for varying weather conditions. Layered clothing is key.
  • Safety First: Always stay informed about the local safety guidelines and travel advisories.

Personal Experiences

I share anecdotes from my travels across South America, focusing on the moments that left a lasting impact and the lessons learned from interacting with diverse cultures.


Photography in South America is more than just capturing landscapes; it’s about embracing the spirit of adventure and storytelling. As you embark on this journey, let each photo be a gateway to understanding and celebrating the rich tapestry of South American cultures and environments.

Luxury Travel: Indulge in the Finest Resorts and Spas

There’s nothing quite like a luxury vacation to make you feel pampered and spoiled. Whether it’s an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, a five-star coastal getaway, or a spa trip to one of the world’s best wellness centers, there is something for everyone who desires the highest amenities and service. Here’s a guide for indulging in the finest resorts and spas.

Choose Your Destination

Start by considering your travel destination. Where would you like to go? A beach hideaway in the Caribbean or a mountain retreat with picturesque views of snowcapped peaks and forests? Consider also what amenities you want: spa treatments, fine dining, golf courses, water parks, or shopping experiences. Once you know what type of vacation you’re looking for, research your options to find resorts and spas that will make your stay unforgettable.

Check the Hotel Packages

Look into hotel packages that may include breakfast buffets every morning and discounts on spa services. These can help save money and give you access to exclusive deals. To get more value for money, take advantage of loyalty programs or sign up for newsletters from hotels and spas. That way, you’ll be the first to know about special offers or discounts.

Book Ahead

Book ahead when planning for luxury travel is always a good idea. And this will help ensure that you get the best deals and guarantee availability at your chosen resort or spa. Book far in advance as many places fill up quickly due to their popularity.

Pack Right

Finally, make sure you pack everything you need for a comfortable stay. Luxury resorts and spas can provide some of life’s most indulgent experiences, from rejuvenating treatments to fine dining, so remember something that might make your stay more enjoyable. Pack lightly but remember to bring your favorite beauty products, comfortable slippers, and a good book or two.

With these simple tips, you’ll have an unforgettable experience indulging in the finest resorts and spas. So, start preparing for your luxury travels now!…

How Long Should You Date Before Traveling?

When the man you’ve been dating for two months recommends a weekend getaway to a town an hour away, do you daydream about romantic vacations or even freak out and rush out? It can be challenging to determine the ideal time for couples to travel together because various people approach the topic differently. How can you tell you are ready?

Wait for A While 

If your relationship is brand-new, chances are that it feels very thrilling right now. Every time you encounter that person, you experience butterflies and agonize over how to compose the definitive text in response. You want to spend every minute with your new partner and consider planning a romantic getaway.

Even though everything is going well, you should wait for a little before purchasing two seats together for a long weekend break. A recent survey found that before taking a trip, a couple should wait until they have been together for seven months. A recent study found that before taking a journey, a couple should wait until they have been together for seven months.

According to the survey’s findings, issues may develop because newlyweds still need to fully understand one another to handle the particular demands of traveling. Holidays might be a time to unwind and de-stress. Still, they can also foster the kind of annoyance, aggravation, and outright disgust that can happen when somebody forces you to share a problematic flight, a cramped hotel room, and, even worse, an en suite toilet.


A romantic getaway can help you strengthen your bond with your better half. However, wait to book your trip after the first date. Keep fantasizing till you’re confident in what it will be like to be on a delayed plane with your new sweetheart if you’re picturing a romantic getaway.